Headings for the winds of life 

Well-being, holistic solution-focused brief therapy and coaching

You are much more than it 

seems on the outside!

During the therapy I made huge progress. That made time to feel longer than it really was. On the other hand the process felt easy; I understood things that I've been working on for years.

- Therapy client

Even at your weakest moment you are powerful. We are made to overcome difficulties.Only the tools might be sometimes missing and that is when we might need other people's help. There is no need to struggle alone. Solution-focused brief therapy is customer centered and the therapy is based on your resources and empowering those. Therapy gives you tools to live your life according to your own values.

As a yoga teacher my approach to therapy is gentle and holistic. I have 19 years of experience in teaching and at the moment I work alongside my practice as a student counselor. As a person I'm empathic, open minded and positive. My expertise covers holistic well-being, recovery and sleep, growth from burnout to your own power, boundaries, strengthening self esteem, learning to live with anxiety, parenthood and teenagers, career planning and making dreams come true.

For coming to Solution-focused brief therapy all you need is something you want to proceed with or change in your life and you are ready to work on that change. With me you can find your own path and walk safely towards it. My customers come both alone and as couples. Come as you are.

Empowering regards, Brief Therapist and Mental Coach Krista Sköld

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Practice in Helsinki, Töölö. Live or online

Being straightforward and direct verbal connection. Especially I liked that Krista faces difficult themes with bravery and has a talent for guiding clients to see new perspectives.
- Therapy client

Why come to Solution-focused 

brief therapy?

  • Brief therapy doesn't require a diagnosis or a referral.

  • You get an appointment fast.

  • You strengthen your own resources and make them visible.

  • You get a new perspective on new and old situations.

  • You will feel that you have control on your own things.

  • You will walk towards permanent change.

  • Kela-compensation is not allowed in brief therapy, but therapy is cost-effective because you have approximately 5-20 appointments.

  • You don't get a mark on your health records.

The Therapist was very skillful in leaving her own part aside. She had an ability to empower my resources and help me find my own methods of operation. That was the reason I found it easy to complete the therapy, because I felt myself empowered during the therapy.
- Therapy client


I respect and admire nature. I admire how it's constantly moving and changing. Reminding us that the change is compulsory as is giving space for new beginnings and growth. The sea and water in general remind us of courage and our ability to adjust and renew ourselves, of wild and free power, fluidity of life and all the possibilities it brings.

Holistic thinking

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Body-mind-connection is important to me. This ever connected pair always works together. If you wish, you can do Great things with the help of body-mind-connection. With our own choices we can make a difference in our health and how we work as a whole human being.


For me freedom means freedom to make choices according to my own values. It means freedom to think, to feel all the emotions, to speak and create. Freedom brings responsibilities. Respecting others and supporting their freedom are important values that responsibility brings along. It means freedom to walk on your own path.

Growth and self-developing

An essential need, that brings meaning to life, gives courage to meet new situations and different kinds of people. While learning you get a wider perspective and at the same time it is empowering and makes things feel possible.


If I had one wish, I'd wish all the people to be more tender and kind towards themselves, and thus have an ability to be kind and respectful towards other people as well. This is an important and lifelong theme, that you can't remind yourself too much of. Synonymous to tenderness is being humane.